Get to know Pride Alliance Board Members!

Scroll to learn more about Pride Alliance leaders for the 2023-2024 academic year!Art by Florence Earl

Our Board Members:


(any) is a PA board member. They're a sophomore majoring in Biological Sciences—specializing in Physiology & Neurobiology—and minoring in Spanish. In his free time, she likes to draw, practice and listen to music, binge TV shows, and learn more about science & queer history. Xe is looking forward to this upcoming year!

A cartoon terrapin facing left in profile, with gray skin, a dark gray underbelly, and a rainbow-colored shell. They wear black headphones on their head and a black necklace. The background is white and watermarked FEM.


(they/them) is a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies undergrad who enjoys walking, taking pictures of flowers, and petting any cat possible. They are the Pride Alliance secretary and a co-facilitator of Campus Queers and Allies (CQA). After going through some struggles in the past semester, they found comfort and community in queer clubs and events, leading them to be more involved. They look forward to helping others and fostering that same sense of belonging that they felt.

A portrait smiling person with their eyes closed and head tilted. They have light skin and mid-length brown hair with bangs, and are wearing a black, spotted button-up shirt. They have a nose piercing. The background is white and watermarked FEM.

Event Organizer

(they/them) is an Event Organizer for Pride Alliance - their role is to help come up with and carry out events for the queer community, and they hope to ensure that people can find a sense of belonging and helpful resources at Pride Alliance events. Aren is also starting an exercise-oriented group in Pride Alliance, so keep an eye out for updates! They're a microbiology and anthropology major in their third year, and in their free time Aren enjoys gardening, listening to prog music, and playing board, roleplaying, and video games.

A portrait of a smiling person holding up a peace sign with black nail polish. They wear a beige hat, glasses, and a gray t-shirt with a cartoon cat's face. They have light skin and long wavy dark brown hair. The background is white and watermarked FEM.

Event Organizer

(they/it/any) is a proudly trans, queer, and neurodivergent Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Criminology & Criminal Justice double major and an Event Organizer for the Pride Alliance. They enjoy studying queer theory, engaging in anarchist praxis, disability justice, and mutual aid based activism. Ze is currently working on a (hopefully soon-to-be-published) paper on gender nihilism, xenogenders, and microlabels. Max is really excited to help foster radical inclusivity within queer communities on campus this upcoming year!

A portrait of a smiling person with its head tilted. Ze wears a black tank top with a necklace tucked beneath, has light skin, short wavy blond hair, and a nose piercing. The background is white and watermarked FEM.

Volunteer Coordinator

(they/them) is an incoming 4th year bioengineering undergraduate. They enjoy playing video games, sewing, crochet, playing clarinet, and singing in GSO. They're a board member and Acespace co-leader.

A portrait of a smiling person. They wear a partly unbuttoned black shirt with purple buttons and a purple palm tree pattern. They have light skin, short brown hair, and pierced, pointed ears. The background is white and watermarked FEM.

Marketing Chair

More info coming soon!

Our Honored Alumni

We take this space to recognize the many people throughout the Pride Alliance's history who have paved the way for our community. Alumni--we appreciate you!

Many smiling cartoon turtles are clustered together. Each is either holding a pride flag in its mouth or its body is colored with the pattern of a pride flag. A rainbow stripe banner is held up on sticks near the background while confetti falls.